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Cognosante Ventures fosters innovations that benefit communities, healthcare providers, patients, and underserved populations. We provide seed money and angel funding to promising startups that create game-changing technologies that truly make a difference.

The startups Cognosante Ventures has funded have a long list of achievements, such as alerting local residents to the risks of multiple toxic exposure factors, detecting sophisticated insider threats and patient privacy breaches for hospitals, allowing healthcare systems and providers to engage in a continuous two-way conversation with customers at scale, and creating an app that links grocery stores with local food banks so that people don’t go hungry.

Doctor with Patient

Cognosante Ventures is led by company founder and CEO Michele Kang, whose own entrepreneurial roots run deep. Michele started Cognosante in a small office above a garage in 2008 and has built the company into one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare consulting, technology solutions, and business process outsourcing services.

Cognosante Ventures invests not only in promising entrepreneurs, but also in the brighter future that these pioneers are helping to create.

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Robert Lord of Protenus
Working with Cognosante Ventures has been a terrific fit for Protenus. Their values and strategy have aligned with our mission of leveraging cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence to protect patients and enhance trust in healthcare systems.

Robert Lord
Co-founder, President of Protenus

Without a doubt, the most important advice I can offer any professional is to trust your gut and follow your passion.

Michele Kang
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cognosante

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